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Bless S.R LTD was established in 2006 and began to export Fresh Herbs from Israel to Eastern Europe and Russia. Since then, we have increased our product line and today we export worldwide agricultural commodities like exotic fruits and vegetables from agricultural all over Israel. Our Export Company, agricultural, and packing house have They all meet the standard which is approved by the stringent quality standards in Israel. We respectfully comply with all required quality standards in various markets worldwide including Europe. Bless S.R has attracted and recruited sales and marketing personnel, all highly skilled with many years of experience in marketing and customer service, selling fresh agricultural produce, export to markets in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Far East, and the United States. Our warehouse is located at the International Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv IL. This allows us better control of the incoming and outgoing produce and gives us the flexibility in customer requests for air shipments at different times.

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